Strategic Initiatives

Strategic initiatives are the means through which our vision for the Purdue Alumni Association is translated into practice through projects and activities.

What are the strategic initiatives of the Purdue Alumni Association?


  • Sustain and grow a world class membership organization. Achieve growth in membership revenue while achieving best-in-class renewal rates.
  • Enhance the value of membership.
  • Develop and embrace emotional connections as a tool to encourage membership. Communicate to our constituents what we believe as an organization.


  • Create exceptional experiences for our constituents by incorporating a high level of professional planning prior to events and engaging in critical self-evaluation after events.
  • Ensure our Brand is displayed clearly and with pride at all events.
  • Provide opportunities for travel, education and volunteerism that serve to support alumni and friend engagement with Purdue University.
  • Cultivate and grow a culture within the staff and constituents which understands that a strong financial stewardship program is key to our long term success.

Be a Pillar of Strength for Purdue

  • Actively pursue engagement with university leadership and partner organizations.
  • Improve communications and engagement with constituents via best-in-class publications, creative marketing, and data management initiatives.
  • Seek out new avenues to develop and sustain relationship with our growing international community.