Before Your Event

If you would like Purdue Alumni to communicate an upcoming event, please fill out the:

Pre-Event Information Form


  • We request two weeks’ notice for emails.
  • Be mindful of how many emails you request during any given month, as unsubscribe rates increase dramatically with repetitive communications.

Postcard Mailings

Beginning with FY19–20, the alumni association no longer provides complimentary postcards. Clubs that wish to mail postcards to promote an event must order them as part of the pre-event information form. The club is responsible for the cost of printing and postage. Clubs will not be charged for the association’s design services. Please provide eight weeks’ notice to allow for production and mailing.

Estimating Postcard Cost

Please note: Pricing per piece goes down as quantity goes up. The total number of recipients in a mailing list affects whether a postcard can be mailed nonprofit bulk rate or first class. Please refer to these pricing examples as general estimates. If you require an exact quote, your Purdue Alumni liaison will be happy to assist you.

It is approximately $115 to print 100 postcards. In that case, postcards are $1.15 each.
First class stamps are $0.55 cents per postcard

It is approximately $325 to print 480 postcards. In that case, postcards are $0.68 each.
NonProfit Bulk Mail ranges from $0.11–$0.17 per postcard.

Social Media

  • We will create a Facebook post that is targeted to Purdue Alumni followers in your geographical area. Please provide a compelling photo if possible.

After Your Event

Following your event, please fill out the:

Post-Event Information Form

If your club is eligible for dues sharing, you should also submit your dues-sharing request on this same form for reimbursement.

Please submit your post-event information form no later than one month after the date of your event. Submissions received after this time period will not be counted as eligible activities for the club-recognition program and will not be eligible for dues sharing.