Business Membership

Supporter Level


As a Supporter Level business member, your organization will receive special access to Purdue’s global network of more than 575,000 alumni.

Plus, gain exposure to tens of thousands of Purdue graduates through the Purdue Alumnus magazine, Boiler UPdate e-newsletter, and business member directory.

Additional benefits include:

  • Display company materials in the Dauch Alumni Center and Boilermaker Station Welcome Center, with daily foot traffic totaling in the hundreds
  • Offer discounted Purdue Alumni memberships to your employees, unlocking the power of pride, savings, networking, and more!
  • 5% discount on advertising*
  • Two business member window decals, helping Purdue graduates identify you as a University supporter
  • Free access for 1 full year to a complete online academy for small business owners to help you generate more leads, close more sales, and enjoy more free time. ($1,164 value)

Join At The Supporter Level

Recruiter Level


Hiring? Target your career opportunities to the most talented workforce in the nation. Receive all of the benefits of Supporter Level membership, plus:


  • Two targeted, career-related broadcast email opportunities per year**
  • Member-only invites to special Purdue Alumni Association networking and recruitment events

Targeted Digital Promotion

  • Up to 20 job and internship postings annually on the Purdue Alumni portal job board
  • Promotion of your business through relevant Purdue Alumni social channels


  • Exclusive Purdue Alumni Association targeted skills training and leadership development sessions*
  • Employee development opportunities*

Become a Recruiter Level Member

*Subject to availability.

**Email and direct mail opportunities must be related to career programs, must include a descriptive statement about the joint program with the Purdue Alumni Association, and must be targeted to a specific audience. All expenses related to these activities will be the responsibility of the business member.