Marketing and Advertising

We can connecTop cities visiting Purdue Alumni website. Greater Lafayette, Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Boston, New York, Detroit, Washington DC, Columbus OH, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Louisville, Los Angelest you with the 630,000+ alumni around the world. Combining your expertise and our network, we can deliver custom solutions to increase your business.

Depending upon your goals, we can help you with exposure and access to other businesses. Depending upon your decisions, you may access and display Purdue Alumni branded elements in your business and advertising.

In addition we create B2B networking opportunities so that you can establish mutually beneficial relationships with potential clients, customers and partners.

Last but not least, we provide you with data related to advertising. Clicks, opens, registrations, etc., all provided to you as part of your membership with Purdue Alumni business memberships!

Advertising Opportunities

The Purdue Alumni Association has several advertising options to help your company reach its goals. We are a cost effective and proven way to reach loyal and successful Purdue alumni.

Our Opportunities:

  • Purdue Alumnus magazine
  • e-Newsletters
  • Targeted email
  • Event sponsorship

43% of users access our website directly, meaning they know and trust us.

By partnering with the Purdue Alumni Association, you will be aligning your business with a progressive and innovative organization that brings the best of Purdue to alumni across Indiana, the nation, and worldwide.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Our business partners are an integral part of our programs, activities, and events.

Opportunities include:

  • Boilermaker Ball
  • Student interaction
  • Alumni Club program
  • Alumni Golf outings
  • On campus events
  • Travel programs
  • Athletic events
  • Branded giveaways

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If you have questions about advertising or event sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Baylee Neff
Director, Business Partnerships
(765) 496-6556
[email protected]