Advertising in Purdue Alumnus

Purdue Alumnus is the flagship magazine of the Purdue community, available exclusively to members of the Purdue Alumni Association. Mailed quarterly to 38,000 households, its reach is estimated at 60,000 individuals.

Ad space must be reserved two weeks prior to artwork submission deadline:

Spring issue mails in March

Summer issue mails in June

Fall issue mails in September

Winter issue mails in December


Cancellation of any part of a contract voids all rate and position agreements. Neither the advertiser, the advertising agency, nor their agents may cancel after the closing date. No cancellations, changes,
or insertion orders will be accepted by Purdue Alumni after the closing date. If, by the materials deadline, Purdue Alumni has not received copy deemed acceptable for publication, Purdue Alumni may either repeat the advertiser’s most recent ad that it has published or publish nothing, charging advertiser and/or advertising agency for any space reserved by them. Purdue Alumni reserves the right to refuse any advertising and shall not be liable for damages if for any reason it fails to publish an advertisement. Purdue Alumni branding may not be used in any creative collateral without prior authorization.