Strategic Planning

Every organization – including yours – needs help staying focused, working together and pursuing greatness. We can help with that.

Our organizational leadership experts can help you in several ways:

  • Tactical-Based Planning
    One-year plans that focus on one or two specific areas. Includes assigning responsibility and defining the who, what and when tactics will be complete.
  • Scenario-Based Planning
    A bit longer, anywhere from 1 – 3 year plans, ideal when things might be a bit loose or uncertain. Scenario-based plans look at a few likely occurrences or scenarios. Then you have roadmaps to execute as things evolves.
  • Goals-Base Planning
    Are things stable? Is your market solid? If yes, this may be for you. Goals-based planning can, based on history, make certain assumptions as you plan for five years from now.

We also have expertise in facilitating meetings, providing clarity, defusing emotion and ensuring meeting objectives are met. From boards to work groups, facilitation can lead groups in a dispassionate manner that leads to greater engagement from participants.