Changing Careers, 10 Years After Graduation

Joyce shares how Purdue Alumni helped her figure out the next move

Ever wondered if you’re in the right career? You’re not alone. Among countless others, Joyce Lok (A’08) can relate.

“I wasn’t heading in the right direction,” says Lok. “I needed to take a step back and reassess what kind of career I wanted.”

A former boss — a fellow Purdue graduate — had encouraged her to check out what the Purdue Alumni Association had to offer.

“I felt perhaps it was a worthwhile investment,” says Lok. “I wanted to expand my career options and network more, so I chose the CAREER MAX membership level.”

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Personalized Career Support

Lok connected with Maureen Huffer Landis, director of alumni career advancement at the Purdue Alumni Association.

“My initial conversation with Maureen was to schedule our first official appointment,” says Lok. “We ended up talking about my CliftonStrengths results and the questions I had about my current career.”

Lok credits Huffer Landis for taking the time to work with her, seeking to first understand Lok’s individual needs and then moving to assist in a way that would make sense for her.

“The benefit of a 1:1 conversation with a career counselor is the personalized advice they offer,” says Lok. “Maureen has been very supportive, offering concrete objectives for me to work on.”

Some of Huffer Landis’s suggestions were things Lok was already engaged in — researching companies and positions as well as various management and leadership programs. But Huffer Landis also helped Lok expand her thinking.

“She guided my focus by recognizing what I found important based on our discussions: autonomy, accountability, and problem-solving.”

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Outcomes from Working with Purdue Alumni Career Coaching

Lok’s discussions and work with Huffer Landis helped recenter and reframe the focus of her search.

“Maureen has helped me with actionable and clear-cut steps to approach my job search and given me a more complete picture on how to approach the adjustment in my career right now,” says Lok.

Huffer Landis empowers her clients to think about how they might leverage their strengths and values in a meaningful way.

“I think any person seeking a career change can gain benefits from career counseling,” Lok shares. “Maureen is an invaluable resource for any jobseeker.”

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