International Alumni

No matter when you earned your Purdue degree, or where you live in the world, you’re forever part of the accomplished Boilermaker community. Your passion and your participation is the strength of our community.

The Purdue Alumni Association harnesses the power of 630,000 alumni and a world-class institution to enrich the personal, professional, and intellectual lives of alumni and advance the University’s mission.

Wherever you live or travel, near or far, the Purdue Alumni Association makes it easy for you to connect with fellow alumni, build professional relationships, attend special events, recruit local students, and benefit from membership in the Purdue Alumni Association.

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Beginning an International Alumni Network

Thank you for your interest in building a network of alumni! We have networks in many locations around the world. We’re always pleased when alumni dedicate the leadership required to start a network or to keep one going strong. A Purdue International Alumni Network exists to provide a linkage between Purdue University and its former students and friends. An international alumni network is encouraged to:

  • Provide networking opportunities for Purdue international alumni.
  • Provide an opportunity for Purdue alumni to receive information about their alma mater.
  • Help alumni to sustain an emotional bond with their alma mater.
  • Enhance the image of Purdue University and its alumni.
  • Inform the Purdue Alumni Association of planned activities and post-event details (photographs, etc., if possible).
  • Assist the University by encouraging recruitment of local students for Purdue’s undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Provide the Purdue Alumni Association with correct addresses, fax numbers, and email address for Purdue alumni and friends.

Become an International Ambassador

Thank you

Volunteers are at the heart of the Purdue Alumni Association. Without you we could not be the successful organization we are today. Thank you for considering joining our worldwide volunteer network — we appreciate all you do to support Purdue Alumni and the University.

The key contact on the staff of the Purdue Alumni Association for international alumni networks and ambassadors is:

Trevor Foley
Purdue Alumni Association
403 West Wood Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2007, USA
[email protected]
Phone: 765-494-5189
Fax: 765-494-9179