Kart Museum

red kart from the front red kart from the front angle red kart from the side

1958 – #4 – Grand Prix’s inaugural race. All scratch built karts with Clinton Engine Company supplied power. Held on streets between Co-Rec and ‘H’ halls.

man in a yellow kart

1965 – #35 – The ‘Ole Banana entered by The ‘Flying Vegetables.’ Jim Feustal wins rain-shortened face. Last scratch built kart to win.

man standing next to a blue kart from the side

1966 – #45 – The Photon with George Taylor, McCulloch kart and engine.

gold kart from the front gold kart from the back

1967/1968 – #5 – Al Brittingham becomes the first multiple winner in KDR’s “5th Mystery.” Al also designs temporary circuits on Ross Ade parking lot.

black kart from the front black kart from the side

1974 – #9 – SWE first entry driven by Phyliss Wheil. Started 42 (and counting) years of Corning/SWE marriage, which is the longest in all of motorsports.

man standing next to a maroon kart from the front

1975 – #23 – Mike Brennan uses ancient Rupp kart to smoke the field in Sigma Kappa #23. Powered by a Parilla engine. Neil Armstrong is Grand Marshal that year.

men next to a blue kart

1976 – #8 – Future Indy500 winning crew chief, Chuck Sprague, brings new level of engineering and preparation to G.P. Many think this is the best looking kart to ever win.

green kart from the front

1981 – #32 – Margay Expert kart with a McCulloch engine driven by David Fuhrman. Race takes 1 hour and 7 minutes in front of over 20,000 spectators.

black kart from the front man in a black kart three men standing behind a black kart black kart from the side with plaque

Dave Fuhrman’s renovation of the 1983 winning kart driven by John Shumaker, the same cart driven by his brother Bill in 1979-1981

archive photo of a racer driving a kart holding the checkered flag

1983 Champion John Shumaker in the Alpha Sigma Phi kart.