The Founders Circle

Picture of girl. "When she graduates, how can she aspired to climb the ladder?"

The Founders Circle offers a unique chance to contribute to an organization that provides mentorship and empowerment for other women.

The Founders Circle supports the underlying goals of the International Council of Purdue Women, an alumnae sisterhood that motivates, inspires, uplifts, and connects Purdue alumnae.

Council goals include:

  • Facilitate alumnae engagement — with one another, and the University
  • Develop and provide programs, content, and services that are personally, professionally, and intellectually valuable to alumnae
  • Foster a robust pipeline of internship and employment opportunities for alumnae and current female students
  • Identify alumnae who want to lead or serve in other volunteer roles for — or on behalf of — the University
  • Identify new female advocates, ambassadors, and supporters for the University and grow membership

Founders Circle members must be members of the Purdue Alumni Association and commit to a $2,500 contribution. This can be paid at once or over a five-year period. These generous contributions will lay the foundation for council programming and events — and endow a legacy that will impact generations of alumnae.

Benefits of the Founders Circle

Strengthen Local Chapters. Together, we’re striving to build a global community starting at the one-on-one level. Through local chapters, virtual forums, and in-person events, Purdue women can build meaningful and lasting connections.

Assist Young Women Leaders. Provide mentorship and develop programming for PASE women and recent alumnae.

Support Education and Training Initiatives. Through workshops, retreats, and conferences, we’ll work through the diverse topics facing women today: work/life balance, raising a family, continuing education, entrepreneurship, and more.

Share Your Story. Encourage other Purdue women by sharing insights from your life and experiences.

Build Global Connections. Help Purdue women reach one another throughout the world via virtual programming. By coming together, our diverse alumnae can share their perspectives — and together we can each learn and grow.

Leave a Legacy. Finally, to recognize your contributions, we will display the names of the first 150 Founders Circle members on our website and a permanent plaque on campus.

Your leadership, making a difference for the next generation

As part of the leadership of the Founders Circle, you will have front-line impact on the direction of the Council by supporting the direction of the Executive Advisory Board.

Set the priorities and agenda for the future of the International Council of Purdue Women in support of the Executive Advisory Board.

  • Set financial and local programming vision
  • Review monetary requests from local chapters
  • Provide guidance on priorities for areas of impact

Help others achieve the careers and lives they’ve always wanted by sharing your knowledge and insight.

  • Cultivate the next generation of leadership
  • Promote your areas of expertise — what uniquely interests you
  • Connect with young women eager for guidance and mentorship

Share your story with the help of the Purdue Alumni Association’s award-winning marketing team.

  • Invite others to join and help grow this unique network
  • Share insight and wisdom that will help others while building your brand

Join the Founders Circle

Founders Circle Members

  • Chaney Abbott
  • Jennifer Baralli
  • Karen Bishop-Morris
  • Beth Bostwick
  • Diana Chiscon-Floyd
  • Shannon Clements
  • Ariella Divizio
  • Wendy Dukes
  • Jennifer Esposito
  • Kelly Filkowski
  • Elizabeth Garner
  • Toni Garza
  • Jill Gough
  • Jennifer Guidry
  • Kathleen Sarpy
  • Ilenia Herrera Lutz
  • Eva Huerta-Pavia
  • Susan Istock
  • Martha King
  • Kelly Klocke
  • Giovanna Krozel
  • Maril MacDonald
  • Melissa Nesmith-Vester
  • Katherine Pope
  • Ramona Quintanilla
  • Martha Rees
  • Katie Rippel
  • Andrea Simpson
  • Rochelle Volpp
  • Carrie Waszak
  • Almira Yllana