Purdue Women Social Circle

Connect with like-minded women, turn your possibilities into plans

When: June 6th, 6:00–7:30 p.m.
Where: The Tap Room, located next to Pappy’s in the Purdue Union

Women navigate from the workforce to full-time family and back to paid professional positions again. There should be more engagement to serve the total person, no matter where they are in life. Why isn’t there more? Join the local chapter of ICPW for an evening inviting all ages, all academic interests and all degrees. Seekers and wanderers. Millennial women at the beginning of their journeys and women with wisdom and experience gained over many years.

This event is free to attend. Food and beverages can be purchased at the Tap Room.

Retreat, Reinvent, Recharge

This trailblazing online program provides momentum to holistically take on change and effectively manage the transition to the next stage of your life. Registration is now closed.

Women’s Council Online Book Club

Currently reading Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One by Jenny Blake. Buy it on Amazon

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Women’s Conference

If you are interested in speaking, sponsoring, or exhibiting at a future women’s conference, please contact Jillian Henry, vice president of organizational development, at 765-494-9180 or [email protected].


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Indy Chapter Panel Discussion

Watch the panel discussion recently held in Indianapolis at an Indianapolis Chapter of the International Council of Purdue Women event. Topics were wide ranging, but all dealt with the experiences of professional women at various stages of their careers. Very relatable, very relevant conversation.

Interested in hosting an event? Starting a chapter in your area? We’d love to hear from you here.