Dinner with Boilers FAQ

What is Dinner with Boilers?
Offered by Purdue Alumni, the Dinner with Boilers program allows alumni to host dinners for other alumni and/or students.

How do I host and/or attend a dinner? 
Let us know you’re interested by emailing

Why can’t I access my account after creating it? 
New accounts must be approved by an administrator; please allow 24 hours for accounts to be approved.

Can I cohost a dinner? 
Yes! You have the option to add a cohost when you create an event.

What are my responsibilities as a host? 
Hosts are expected to choose a date, time, and location and pay for attendees. You will need to indicate whether students are invited and can select a theme if you choose. A week prior to your dinner, we will send you a kit with hosting guidelines, Purdue Alumni gear, and a small gift.

When can I host my dinner? 
Dinners can take place on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. The Purdue Alumni Association helps promote the program, so you will hear from us when we are recruiting hosts.

Where can I host my dinner? 
When you create your event, you can choose where to host it; we recommend your home or a local restaurant. If students are attending, we strongly encourage hosting the event at a restaurant.

How many guests can attend a dinner? 
The attendee minimum is six; individual hosts can select the maximum number of attendees.

Will I be reimbursed for hosting a dinner? 
The Purdue Alumni Association will not directly reimburse you for dinner expenses. However, hosts will be able to request in-kind gift credit for documented dinner expenses (associated receipts must be submitted). The in-kind gift amount will be allocated to Purdue University.

Will I receive a list of attendees and dietary needs? 
You will be able to access a list of attendees that includes contact information. We suggest you touch base with your guests a week prior to your dinner to discuss logistical details and dietary needs. You will be able to set an RSVP deadline when you create your event.

Can alcohol be served at dinners? 
Yes, but keep in mind that your dinner might be attended by minors if students or children of alumni are invited.

Can I host more than one dinner? 

Yes! You can host as many times as you like. Future event dates will be shared on our website.

What are the expectations for volunteer hosts? 

Volunteer hosts are expected to abide by the Purdue Alumni Association Volunteer Conduct Statement.

Can alumni clubs/networks host dinners? 

Yes. An official Purdue Alumni club or network can host a dinner using dues sharing. Clubs can count this event towards their status at the end of the year. No more than two club or network leaders can host an event together. If two club leaders host a dinner, no other club leaders could attend. Dinners paid for with dues sharing or club fund do not count toward gifts in-kind.

Please email with any other questions you may have.