Retreat, Reinvent, Recharge

Ready to create a positive and lasting change in your life?

Journey to Retreat, Reinvent, Recharge, offered through the International Council of Purdue Women.

This trailblazing online program provides momentum to holistically take on change and effectively manage the transition to the next stage of your life.

Ready to step into your own power? To be inspired? To become the best version of yourself? We invite you to join us.

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Program Details

Format: Online
Sessions: Six sessions every Monday starting April 15
Times: Choose noon or 9:00 p.m.

Registration closes April 8 — limited spots available. Classes start April 15.

Program Overview





Maureen Breeze

Maureen Breeze, an International Coaching Federation executive coach, has facilitated trainings and workshops in Europe, Asia, and North America, is a trainer and consultant teaching leadership and management development for her company, Cultivage.

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Annette Watkins

West Australian–based Annette Watkins has decades of research and corporate experience having worked throughout Asia and Australia. Annette supervises PhD candidates researching the career path of women.

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