Purdue Alumni Recruiting for Tomorrow

The Purdue Alumni Association and the Office of Admissions joined forces in 1995 to help attract the best and the brightest to Purdue University.

About P.A.R.T.

The partnership has developed into the PART Program, also known as Purdue Alumni Recruiting for Tomorrow.

PART volunteers have represented Purdue at more than 160 college fairs around the country. PART volunteers also piloted new programs, including inviting new students to local Purdue Alumni Association events and calling local students to tell them about their Purdue experience. Our mission is simple: to assist Purdue University in recruiting qualified, high-ability students. In building the freshmen class of tomorrow, alumni can play a vital role in critical activities at each step.

If you know a student who has expressed an interest in Purdue, please use the link below to refer them.

Refer a Student

Learn more about P.A.R.T. and the Purdue Alumni Association partnership with the Office of Admissions.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Do you love Purdue? Do you love telling everyone you meet that you graduated from Purdue? Are you willing to talk to with high school students about your experience at Purdue? Then you just might be the perfect PART volunteer!

In support of the mission of PART, volunteers assist in activities which:

  • introduce qualified students to Purdue University
  • encourage prospective students to apply to Purdue University
  • encourage admitted students to attend Purdue University

As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to introduce Purdue to prospective students through college fairs, admissions receptions, phone calls, and contacts with high school counselors. Volunteers are busiest in the months of September through May with college fairs, high school visits, and student receptions. Responsibilities vary at each event. Each volunteer is supplied with training materials, and volunteers are always encouraged to call the Admissions office if they have questions.

How to Get Involved

To become a volunteer with the PART Program, visit the PART volunteer page and submit an interest form.

Purdue actively communicates with students as early as 8th grade, providing information they and their families can use to prepare for college admission and, more importantly, college success.

How can you help?

If you know a student who is interested in Purdue University, invite them to get on the mailing list. Students on the mailing list will receive important updates about application processes and deadlines as well as information about academic programs related to their personal interests.