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The Alumni Portal, powered by Graduway, is a benefit we offer to all alumni. Connect with peers, explore job opportunities, find affinity groups and events that interest you — you can even develop mentoring relationships with alumni who share your interests and career goals.

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Find Your Community

Join an alumni club in your region, or an affinity network that matches your interests or background. No matter where you live, the alumni portal can connect you to others with similar interests and experiences!

News Feed

The news feed includes news and events from Purdue Alumni — and any groups that you follow.

Members at the PLUS level and above can post content that will then appear in their contacts’ news feeds.

Page Navigation

The left-hand navigation includes links to your news feed, member directory, mentorship opportunities, job postings, events, and communities.

On the right-hand side you’ll find recent job postings, new individuals who have joined the platform, as well as social media feeds featuring Purdue Alumni’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Members at the PLUS level or above can post to individual group pages. Comment, upload images, attach files, and tag others in posts — just as you would do on other social media platforms.


PLUS level members can also post and share events. Posting an event is intuitive and allows you to create links to registration pages, or have an internal RSVP if it is a smaller event.


The mentorship feature is available to PLUS level members and above. When you create your account, you’ll have the option to volunteer as a mentor. Or, if you’re looking for a mentor, you can search for one by industry. The mentoring relationships are self-facilitated between mentor and mentee.


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Do I need to be a member of the Purdue Alumni Association to join?

No, all Purdue University alumni — including Purdue University Global — can join in the conversation. Certain content (e.g., job postings, mentoring relationships, messaging) is only available to PLUS level members and above.

Can I link another social media profile to it?

Yes, you can highlight your social media profiles for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook Messenger. You will also be able to import your LinkedIn profile in the near future.

I already have an account set up on the alumni portal. Do I need to create a new one?

Yes. Create an account using the same email address you initially used to register on the portal to claim your profile on our new platform.

More Questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team at