The Purdue Alumni Association is evolving to meet our members’ needs with choices of membership. The association is moving beyond the traditional “one-size-fits-all” membership and rolling out a new, tiered membership system that offers benefits to fit each member’s personal, professional, and intellectual pursuit of lifelong learning.

The new membership tiers and the alumni association’s quick descriptions of them:

  • BASIC — The no-frills gateway to Purdue Alumni.
  • PLUS — The “traditional” membership; the perfect way to stay connected and save.
  • PROFESSIONAL — The membership to jump-start your career.
  • CAREER MAX — The ultimate way to take your career to new heights.

Join Now or Renew

Current Members

Current members have been transitioned to the PLUS membership with the option to upgrade to the new career-oriented benefits in the PROFESSIONAL or CAREER MAX tier.

Life Members

Current life members will retain their life membership status at the PLUS level (comparable to current benefits) with an option to upgrade to PROFESSIONAL or CAREER MAX level for a nominal charge. Life membership won’t be available to new members, but three- and 10-year memberships are available at discounted rates.


Purdue faculty and staff who graduated from Purdue and join at the PLUS, PROFESSIONAL, or CAREER MAX level are included automatically in the Conductors network. Perks include a quarterly happy hour at the 1869 Tap Room, behind-the-scenes access to fascinating spots on campus, and other exclusive events and networking opportunities.

The alumni association’s aim is, and will ever be, to advance the pursuits of Purdue alumni worldwide. Therefore, membership is set up to offer meaningful engagement, savings opportunities, preservation of traditions, connections to one another and the University, and growth and development programming and resources that support alumni goals.