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How do I write a business proposal? What’s the difference between a manager and a leader? How do you learn from failure, embrace conflict, or navigate office politics?

Whether you’re trying to bolster your marketability, or play catch-up on skills you need on the job now, look no further than LinkedIn Learning.

This on-demand learning tool — available through CAREER MAX membership — puts thousands of courses at your fingertips.

Certification Tracks

Get relevant insights from industry leaders on a schedule that works for you! Fifteen minutes at lunch, five minutes between meetings, an hour when you’re between projects — you decide what pace makes sense for you.

Only 13 percent of companies say they do an excellent job developing leaders at all levels — don’t let that impede your growth. In today’s job market, adaptability is more important than ever. LinkedIn Learning makes sure that you don’t get left behind.

LinkedIn Learning retails at $30/month — or $360 annually. CAREER MAX membership only costs $199/year, and offers all the benefits of Purdue Alumni membership!

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