PASE Board of Directors

What is the PASE Board of Directors?

The PASE Board of Directors is a group of student leaders. These students serve as the executive committee for PASE. They plan and organize events and educate members about the Purdue Alumni Association. Students interested in serving on the board may apply in October of each year. It is a great leadership opportunity and members will more frequently interact with successful alumni and corporate sponsors.

PASE Board of Directors

Kiritpal Khana

Kiritpal KhannaPresident[email protected]

Mike Vreeland

Mike VreelandVice President of Campus Traditions[email protected]

Rohan Sohani

Rohan SohaniVice President of Networking[email protected]

Jessica Stone

Jessica StoneVice President of Professional Development[email protected]

John Sullivan

John SullivanVice President of Social Media[email protected]

Madeline Stone-Wheatley

Madeline Stone-WheatleySecretary[email protected]

PASE Board Members

Rachel Craig

Rachel Craig[email protected]

Kanika Garg

Em Jennings

Francesca Kimera

Francesca Kimera[email protected]

Kartik Mittal

Kartik Mittal[email protected]

Natalie Odzer

Natalie Odzer[email protected]

Alexis Piskulic

Alexis Piskulic[email protected]

Jacob Riedel

Jacob Riedel[email protected]

Kait Schopmeyer

Kait Schopmeyer[email protected]


Jimmy Cox[email protected]765-496-6549
     Baylee Neff      [email protected]      765-496-6556