Things to Do

  1. Fountain run
  2. Make your own crazy Den Pop creation
  3. Clap in the Clapping Circle
  4. Pick up your PASE kit
  5. Ride the Boilermaker Special
  6. Buy a t-shirt from the University Bookstore
  7. Take a picture with John Purdue
  8. Drink from the Lion Fountain
  9. Say hello to everyone on the “Hello Walk” on the Memorial Mall
  10. Wait at a cross walk with a robot
  11. Go to Bridge Bash – Include date (if it happens)
  12. Open a Purdue Federal Account – If you sign up for PASE and open an account Purdue Fed will put $50 in your account
  13. Go to McCords Candy and buy Purdue truffles – Use this discount to save 10%
  14. Buy your class ring
  15. Get an Arnie’s pizza to share with your roommate
  16. Try the Duane Purvis All American Burger from TripleXXX
  17. Walk on Neil Armstrong’s Steps
  18. Cross the Tracks
  19. Listen to the Marching Band Practice
  20. Give Purdue Pete a high five