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A gathering of women

A snowy evening in Chicago. A lot to discuss.

Discussion became ideas, ideas became possibilities, and possibilities became plans — and the International Council of Purdue Women was born.

For the last 20 years, more women than men have been graduating from colleges and universities. Still, only a quarter of leaders in Fortune 500 companies are women. Why?

Women navigate from the workforce to full-time family and back to paid professional positions again. There should be more engagement to serve the total person, no matter where they are in life. Why isn’t there more?

Rather than accepting the world the way it is, this group plans to change it. A “be the change you wish to see” group.

Purdue is a touchstone and a shared experience in a vast community of diverse women. Purdue can provide education, research, programming, networking, and other opportunities to give life to new ideas, and to ideas pursued but not yet realized.

The International Council of Purdue Women includes alumnae around the world making an impact in their communities. Influential Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and public relations professionals in Chicago. Engineers, scientists, educators, photographers, and homemakers. All ages, all academic interests and all degrees. Seekers and wanderers. Millennial women at the beginning of their journeys and women with wisdom and experience gained over many years.

The International Council of Purdue Women creates an alumnae sisterhood that motivates, inspires, uplifts, and connects Purdue alumnae now and for life. For good.