The Purdue community is a proud family connected by tradition, accomplishment, and a world-class institution. Grand Prix Alumni was created in 1983 to support the efforts of the Grand Prix Foundation that manages the Purdue Grand Prix race that began in 1958.

Grand Prix Alumni is an organized and professional network that allows Grand Prix enthusiasts to stay connected and support the students and student leaders of the Grand Prix Foundation through time, talent, and gifts. There is an alumni board of volunteers that plan networking events with alumni and students and establish giving opportunities that will benefit the Grand Prix Foundation and its students.

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Board Members

Austin Bourdon: President 
ME ’16

Zach Fuhrman: Vice President
LA ’10

Andrew Thoele: Senior Board Alumni Representative 
AT ’16

Kyle Haas: Current Purdue Grand Prix Foundation President, 2017-2018
CHE ’18

Rex Overholser: Secretary 
AG ’78

Al Brittingham: Treasurer
IED ’68

Committee Members

Roger Yule: Alumni Advisor for Purdue Grand Prix Alumni Organization 
’58, 1958 Purdue Grand Prix Foundation President

Bonnie Hockema: Purdue and Grand Prix Foundation Liasion

Cynthia Richards: Chief Operating Officer 
LA ’75

Dave Fuhrman: Track and Site, History and Archives, Alumni Race Chair
’81, 1981 Grand Prix Champion

Read the By-laws (PDF)